What? You’ve not been to the MOORE Expo? How’s this possible? Well, truth be told, it happens often as we are all pretty busy in our daily lives. But the MOORE Expo is embarking on it’s fourth year and let me just say this… “It’s growing like crazy and it’s a buyers show!” It’s one of those events where you go and see brands you either use or recognize, but you see friends and those you hit the trails with and camp. It’s almost like a family reunion of sorts, though some may say it’s more like a cult. And honestly if it is, I’m a proud member!

If you haven’t been to the MOORE Expo, then you are missing out on one of the best outdoor-adventure themed events anywhere.

The MOORE Expo isn’t just another expo event, it’s a gathering of like minded folks that are from all walks of life. Some are full timers and some are just weekenders. It doesn’t matter where you fall in those categories, you are welcomed and made to feel like family. The funny thing is, some go to just “Look” but we all know how that ends up, right?

The expo takes place at the Ozark Empire Fair Grounds in Springfield, MO April 21-22 and it’s not just a expo where vendors setup to show off products and services, no it’s a event with life music, great food, and this year there is camping onsite! WOW! So make sure you get those tickets in advance and avoid the lines.. We will be there broadcasting LIVE and interviewing vendors, storytellers, and attendees too.. Stop by and say “hello”

About the author: Lee Odom
Adventure seeker and lover of the outdoors.