We had a vision to bring LIVE broadcast internet radio to the overlanding and adventure enthusiast lifestyle. little did we know, we were embarking on something no one else had done. But that wasn’t all we dreamed of. Doing LIVE broadcast from events and at camp were also on our list of dreams for Overland Radio.

When we set out to create Overland Radio, we knew it was something new and unique that we envisioned others would enjoy too!

Setting the stage and bringing LIVE broadcast radio to this overlanding and adventure lifestyle was part of the goal as we’ve stated, but podcasts were the next and when you are the “OG” for Overlanding Radio, it’s only fitting you bring content to all the podcasts platforms.. So here we are and it’s growing by the day.

You see, having weekly shows that not only bring you gear reviews, but LIVE guests from all corners of the world and walks of life. It’s truly a way we connect each other. We learn from others, the professionals and we discover new places. All in one platform that connects.

About the author: Lee Odom
Adventure seeker and lover of the outdoors.