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Over the past year of camping on the trail and trying to figure things out on the rigs a few of us came up with the 5 things you don't want to do "overlanding". 1) Weight/Suspension! Know the gear you are going to be using on your rig before upgrading you suspension, like how much water you are taking ,how heavy is that ARB fridge with food is, tools , […]

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Gear Advice

Out with the IFS

Over the few months of being on the trail with the 93 Toyota the front suspension was super stiff "no flex really" and I was always replacing parts and getting alignments after every trip.... I decided to upgrade. After doing research I decided that I would go with Trail-Gear SAS "solid axle swap" ... I found the axle in Flagstaff Arizona. I drove to pick it up with my father […]

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Gear Advice

5 Things an Overlander Needs to Know: Getting Started

We all know how WILD this last year has been... With a worldwide pandemic, the constant chaos of life, and ever-evolving society,this year presented in own challenges in just figuring out how the heck to spend your free time - and not go crazy trapped inside some four-walled building. For my wife and I, Overlanding was the escape we never knew we needed until it found us - and thanks […]

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