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NAME : Nicolas Villescas PERSONAL : Since I was born I always felt a calling for the outdoors. After reading books of the great men that blazed the trails of the west i felt a connection with the Mountain Men like Lewis and Clark, Jedediah Smith, Theodore Roosevelt and The Rough Riders or even Butch Cassidy and The Wild Bunch robbing a train , they all were seeking adventure and […]

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Name- Corey Ryan From- Originally from CA but relocated to Albuquerque when I was in the military and have been here for over 20 years. I got into off-roading early in my youth as I lived an hour from the Rubicon Trail and would often ride shotgun with friends and family on that famous trail as well as many other in the area. My first vehicle was a 1977 Jeep […]

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Gas or electric chainsaws

Let's talk chainsaws..... Most overlander never carry a chainsaw but it is definitely a NEED! over the years of cutting trees for fire wood or a fallen tree over the trail. I have always used gas powered . Seems like technology has caught up ..... I would say the benefits of having a gas powered chainsaw on the trail would definitely be power/long term use. But the reliability is sometimes […]

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  NAME- Ricardo Chacon From- Los Angeles CA , overlands in Texas and New Mexico I used to be into sports cars then a buddy of mine purchased an older Toyota, and he started taking me on adventures. I was hooked! We got in trouble alot in that old thing lol. lots of good memories wheeling together. So I decided to purchase an off-road vehicle and build it myself with […]

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Walk around of the Battle Cruiser 2.0 (BC2.0) Personal information: Mervine(Tony) Manuel Retired US Air Force 24 years Veteran Tent Camp over 50 years Started overlanding in July 2019 (Angel Matos took me on a 4 day expedition New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah) Loved the experience and started my journey. Battle Cruiser 2.0 1998 GMC Suburban SLT, 5.7 V8 Vortex, 4x4 3in leveling kit from Torch off road, Tires […]

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WEEKLY RIG WALK AROUND #1 Tortuga Blanca Overland

I am going to start doing a RIG walk around every week and I want Lee to be the first start it off! So here we go! Over the past year of overlanding crossing multiple States, traveling thousands of miles and camping in very remote parts of this great country we live in , not only me and Lee have become best friends but we have become brothers.     […]

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Over the past year of camping on the trail and trying to figure things out on the rigs a few of us came up with the 5 things you don't want to do "overlanding". 1) Weight/Suspension! Know the gear you are going to be using on your rig before upgrading you suspension, like how much water you are taking ,how heavy is that ARB fridge with food is, tools , […]

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Out with the IFS

Over the few months of being on the trail with the 93 Toyota the front suspension was super stiff "no flex really" and I was always replacing parts and getting alignments after every trip.... I decided to upgrade. After doing research I decided that I would go with Trail-Gear SAS "solid axle swap" ... I found the axle in Flagstaff Arizona. I drove to pick it up with my father […]

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Gear Advice

5 Things an Overlander Needs to Know: Getting Started

We all know how WILD this last year has been... With a worldwide pandemic, the constant chaos of life, and ever-evolving society,this year presented in own challenges in just figuring out how the heck to spend your free time - and not go crazy trapped inside some four-walled building. For my wife and I, Overlanding was the escape we never knew we needed until it found us - and thanks […]

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