• by Brendan Potter
    Posted 12/16/2020

    Look forward to winning a new radio! Thank you guys!

    • by JoeytheBROFESSOR
      Posted 12/18/2020

      Good luck to everyone!

  • by Sean Speckels
    Posted 12/18/2020

    Perfect timing as I’m wanting to add this radio to my rig!!

  • by Nick
    Posted 12/18/2020

    Send it here.

  • by Dustin Pritner
    Posted 12/20/2020

    I’m totally winning this

  • by Greg Stafford
    Posted 12/21/2020

    I’ve enjoyed your radio shows I’ve listened 2 weeks in a row now, it’s fun listening to all your banter. Keep up the good work of teaching, educating, advertising about over landing.

    • by overlandradio
      Posted 12/22/2020

      Thank you Greg for the kind words and for your support, and If you have suggestions for shows we are always open to ideas. Spread the word about us! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  • by Lyn
    Posted 12/29/2020

    Awesome contest, fingers crossed!

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Overland Radio © 2021. All rights reserved.