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5 Things an Overlander Needs to Know: Getting Started

We all know how WILD this last year has been... With a worldwide pandemic, the constant chaos of life, and ever-evolving society,this year presented in own challenges in just figuring out how the heck to spend your free time - and not go crazy trapped inside some four-walled building. For my wife and I, Overlanding was the escape we never knew we needed until it found us - and thanks […]

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The NEW Expedition Superstore!

  The all NEW Expedition Superstore is now OPEN! Check out the video where Justin walks us through the new location and shows us just a taste of what is yet to come. Oh, and there is a world premier nestled in here as well.. LINKS:

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LIVE Interviews


Rebroadcast From March 9th 2021 Marco from OVRLNDX Joins the All Over Overland Show! If you are a foodie like many of us and you are also into overlanding and adventures, then I'm going to guess you have heard of Marco. He's the ultimate in genuinely kind and his kindness just pulls you in. He's an accomplished photographer, business man, overlander and you can add author to that list. […]

todayApril 23, 2021