All Over Overland

Hosted By Michael Hyden

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I decided to start a podcast near the end of 2019.  I has been way more fun that I could image.  All of that lead me to this radio show and it has been crazy.  I have the chance to speak with some of the leaders in our hobby/lifestyle.  I also really enjoy speaking with people that are fairly new to overloading.  The interviews we have done on Overland Radio have been a blast.  I have made friends with people I would have never imagined I would ever meet.  I am truly blessed. ~Michael Hyden

All Over Overland crew


Michael Hyden

I was just looking for something to be a part of.  I felt lost as a man, just going through the motions.  Work then home but too tired and stressed to do anything.  I looked at my daughter and decided I wanted to show her more.

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